Having been frustrated using multiple expensive tools to run his business, our founder, Mark De Souza, created Joy of Sales (JoS) to run his business. From the start JoS was designed to be an integrated solution, so cost could be kept low, and if there were any issues it was our problem to fix. By being in control of our product, not relying on third party tools – we can keep the quality high and you will not have to fight to get support from multiple providers!

JoS has your customer ADDRESS BOOK at its heart. When you have a potential deal with a customer or you want to target them, you create an OPPORTUNITY. As the deal progresses, you QUOTE (optional) and Invoice. At the end of the financial period (month/year end, file VAT or TAX) bring in your bank statements and RECONCILE. Enter your EXPENSES by taking PICTURES OF YOUR RECEIPTS and submit them to our reading software. Once everything is entered you can SUBMIT VAT or give your Accountant access to do it for you. JoS contains all your business history to prepare your Tax.

Joy of Sales also has features that will make you business more effective & increase your sales. Don’t just take our word for it try it for free, by clicking the button below. No payment details are taken and you have access to all features. Our pricing is clear, low and allows you to scale you business.